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I would’ve never thought a sax could go with these tunes. I was wrong!! This is AMAZING!

@jkevinparker - TikTok

You can body ANY song!  And this my s***

Kami Carter - Facebook

God d*** I love you... I mean I love what you did to this song lol my favorite song from avenge sevenfold. Wish I could hear more but I’ll just settle for listen to this on repeat!

@karim_dela_creme - Instagram

I would pay big money to go see you play all my fav songs live! This is mental!I found you through your latest video & had to watch more

@homeschoolmum21 - TikTok

This is absolutely incredible & has brought me infinite serotonin tonight, I thank you

@yaywearedoomed - TikTok

followed you just for this amazing bro....trully amazing I watched this like 20 times

@jakeanderson1523 - TikTok

Bro you are untouched on the sax  

Li Anderson - Facebook

These literally give me chills 

Jynuial Bonitaé - Facebook

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